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Library in a Box

The Library in a Box project had this Monday organized for Ndiini Primary school to take part in the Story Moja Read aloud marathon that took place in several schools in the country. Several Gwav members led by one of the founders of the project Cyrus Mugambi and Murugi Kagotho, together with other youths of Sukari community were joined by the Kahawa Sukari Ward Leader Engineer Peter Geche Karanja in the event that saw over 650 children participating in.

 The MCA showed great support for the project and commended the youths for the initiative and their contribution in time and skills and promised to support the project. He further encouraged the pupils to read far and wide going beyond the class books that they are expected to read.  

The children, Teachers, and the Ward Leader Engineer Geche Karanja were treated to a riveting story of the selected text ‘Attack of the shidas’ that spoke against tribalism and greatly encouraged unity. The youths had volunteered as readers, photographers and coordinators and social community managers towards the first big event at Ndiini to ensure its success.

 In her remarks, the Head teacher expressed her gratitude at the initiative and guaranteed that the library lessons will be reinstituted.

The successful event was part of the country wide read aloud campaign by Story Moja that seeks to break the record on the number of people reading the same text aloud at the same time.

The Library in a Box project is a community Project that seeks to empower kids at Ndiini Primary school with books for a library with future plans of building a library. They seek the support of all community members in cash or kind and can be reached on 

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