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Sunday Bulletin 18th July 2021

Sunday, July 18, 2021

                     1ST SERVICE


ELDER ON DUTY:  Elder Caroline Ngunjiri

Leader:  Peter Wambugu

Opening Hymn: Kenya National Anthem

Leading Word: Luke 4:18-19

Ushers: Dr. Daniel Wambiri, Simon Gathungu

Praise and Worship: Praise team                       

Intercessory Prayers:  Catherine Ngara

Apostles Creed

Presentation: JPRC, Church Choir

Intimations: Session  Clerk 

Offerings: Peter Wambugu


Genesis 1:26-28;  2:15-17      - Joy Waithaka

Luke 4:14-26   -   Eunice Watiri

Hymn: Umoja ni fahari yetu

Theme: “Church role in Politics ”

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Timothy Njoya

Hymn: Guide me O Thy Great Jehovah






ELDER ON DUTY:  Elder Caroline Ngunjiri

Leader: Peter Wambugu

Opening Hymn: Kenya National Anthem

Leading Word: Luke 4:18-19

Ushers: Martin Kariuki, Josephine Nguru

Praise and Worship: Praise team                       

Intercessory Prayers:  James Chuchu

Apostles Creed

Presentation: JPRC, Church Choir

Intimations: Session Clerk                                    

Offerings: Peter Wambugu


Genesis 1:26-28;  2:15-17      James Ngunjiri

Luke 4:14-26       Imani Wanjau

Hymn: Umoja ni fahari  yetu

Theme:“ Church role in Politics”

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Timothy Njoya

Hymn:  Guide me O Thy Great Jehovah






Leader:  Simon Gioko

Opening Hymn/ Chorus

Leading Word:

Ushers: Gwav members

Praise and Worship: Praise team                       

Intercessory Prayers:  Simon Gioko

Apostles Creed

Presentation: Praise and Worship

Intimations: Wairimu Kamau                              



1st Thessalonians 4:1-8—Lynn Kinya              


Theme:“ ”

Speaker:  Ernest Wamboye












The Parish Minister and the Kirk Session welcomes you to today’s JPRC Sunday service.

(a)  There will be Holy Communion next Sunday during both services.


All members are requested and reminded to have their face masks properly cover their nose and mouth for the entire duration of the service. Let’s be mindful of the others welfare and that of our families.

Districts on Duty next Sunday, 1st Service Easternview, 2nd Service Avenue


All members of Finance Committee are invited to a Special Meeting today immediately after 2nd Service. Agenda is to finalize on the Budgets for 2021/2022.


I) The Brigade has organized capacity building on 31/7/2021 for all elected Brigade Officials from the Districts. Kindly register with the group Secretary Madam Gladys Mutahi on 0722612900.


There will be Woman’s Guild Full Council meeting on Saturday 24th July 2021 starting 7am, thereafter a Seminar for all Followers starting at 9am. District leaders are requested to remind the followers in their Districts.


PCEA Sukari Parish

Position: Pre-Primary Teacher

Application to be Sent to Session Clerk on or before 9th August 2021.





  • Thank God for the School Pupils and Students who are now home for a short holiday
  • Thank God for protecting them in School and their Teachers.
  • Pray for them as they prepare for the next class
  • Pray for School fees provision for Parents
  • Pray for God's protection over our Children while at home and pray against Child abductions
  • Pray for our Country Kenya that Peace will prevail in all circumstances
  • Pray against strikes in our Universities/Schools



Classes on during both services



As per Districts Plan



First Readings -Genesis 1:26-28 and Genesis 2:15-17

Second Reading - Luke 4:14-26.

HUMAN RIGHTS: God created all human beings sovereign and equal and in his own image (1:26). To be created in God’s image means that all human beings are sovereign, free and equal. A person is a sacred being and he or she is a complete being in himself/herself. You are supposed to find fulfillment and happiness in being like God, in being yourself and not in being a wife, husband, child, young, old, male or female, father or mother. In God’s record there is nobody called father or mother of son and so; son and daughter of so and so; Mheshimiwa, Mr. Rev. Hon. His/Her Excellency or tycoon. God made us in his likeness as human, free and equal.

JUSTICE: Justice is respect that means of existence, humanity, dignity, sovereignty, equality are what everybody owes everybody. Justice is therefore a prerequisite for Peace and Reconciliation.

PEACE: Peace is equal, harmonious and just social and material relationships with God and one another.  If material and social relationships get broken they can only be maintained by violence.  There is no other method.

There are various forms of covert violence like domination, poverty, bullying, corruption, bribery, coercion, blackmailing, subjugation, subordination, threats, intimidation etc.

There are also various forms of overt violence, such as war, riots, some strikes, bullying, colonialism, slavery, poverty, famine, disease, imprisonment, kidnap, theft, burglary, adultery, lawlessness, disorder or dictatorship.   

RECONCILIATION: Means Restoration of broken social and material relationships and where necessary remedy.

People are what God made them to be and trying to make them more or less than what God made them is a violation of God’s natural order. Trying to remake a person into somebody else or even into oneself is sin. It creates inequality between those who are women or men or those who have children and those who are childless.

What is Politics?  In Genesis 1:26 God gave humanity the power to govern creation by keeping it the way he made it. Politics is ruling everything that God rules or made. Genesis 2: 15 politics means taking care of everything that God made and thus managing the things God created on his behalf. This is having dominion or exercising stewardship. To mismanage or fail to manage is sin. A person who hid the talent was punished. The Priest and the Levite who failed to take care of a broken man failed God’s test of stewardship. The whole world is God’s garden of Eden; God’s vineyard where all are supposed to take care of each other and everything else.

 In political science politics is everybody’s obligation to take care of everybody else and everyone’s right to be taken care of by everyone. Politics means having a system of governance in which it is agreed by all that everybody is obligated  to take care of everybody else and everyone is entitled to be cared for by everyone. Democracy is where all the obligations and entitlements (rights) are equal, reciprocal and mutual.  Everybody owes everybody.  We say that the ground beneath the cross is level for all. On October 5 1986 my sermon at St. Andrews declared the Lancaster Constitution null and void because it had been given by others thus stealing Kenyans God-given sovereignty. That constitution constituted a One-Party State that owed its sovereignty from hell rather than owing it to the people. I called on Kenyans to reclaim their God-given sovereignty from hell by writing a new constitution in which everybody owed everybody justice and equal treatment. The sermon wanted Kenyans to relate with each other as commanded by Jesus to “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you (Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31). That is the golden rule of justice.   

The Bible is called Old and New Testaments because it is the rules of engagement. It has what God is expected to do for his people and what the people must do to reciprocate. God expects that if people love and serve him they will also do the same to each other. Any rules of engagement which are not consistent with the laws, principles and values of how people should treat each other are ungodly and void. The Ten Commandments define what people can or cannot do to God and one another. They cannot enslave or colonize one another without contradicting how God rules the world. The Bible is therefore the PP or Constitution by which God defines what everybody, however rich or powerful, must or must not do to others. In the bible King Ahab should have respected Naboth’s rights to his vineyard; David failed by not respecting Uriah’s life and marriage and Herod should not have taken his brother’s wife. It seems that power and greed have always caused kings problems with women and property.

Like the prophets Elijah, Nathan, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ the JPRC is the voice of God and the Church is the voice of the voiceless.  The JPRC is every believer’s God-given mandate and responsibility to care for the rights of everybody and it is God’s voice for the voiceless.

We are made like God to do what God does. Adam fell into sin for having left politics to someone else called snake and who others call Satan.  You cannot abandon your responsibility to take care of your country, city, and family to some else and hope to remain human and saved. To be human and saved is very political because it means minding each other’s welfare (Philippians 2:20; 2 Corinthians 12:4, 14, &;7:8-16- and 13 :1;  Romans 16:1). Paul urged that Christian relationships be transparent and accountable at all times.

The problem in Africa is that African Christians leave politics to politicians and doing so makes a person not human but Satan. To be human is to maintain God’s image as the fountain head of truth, dignity and destiny; the very heart and soul of honoring everything that God made is very good, including our very physical organs. Seven time, in Genesis 1:4, 10, 12, 13b, 21, 25 and 31 God approved that everything that  he created was very good, including the whole woman’s body and that is why women in Central Province are refusing men to mutilate their Genitalia.

The Pharisees were fighting Jesus like the snake was fighting God in the garden of Eden and that was dangerous politics. Therefore, Jesus called them “You snakes, you children of vipers” Matthew 23:33-36.Jesus does not allow people to compromise their divine mandate and responsibility to take care of the world with Satanic intention to create disorder. There is no greater sin than to leave your thinking, seeing, hearing, eating and future to others. According to Genesis politics is being what God is and doing what he does, thus, to own, to protect and to keep the world order as God made it. The proclamation of Jesus that “The Spirit is upon me…”.  was salvation and restoration of things to their original nature and order.

CONCLUSION: The Holy Spirit has therefore appointed every Presbyterian member of PCEA Kahawa Sukari as the President, MP, Women Rep, Governor, MCA, Chief of Kahawa Sukali to reconcile and restore the natural and social order back to its original goodness as God made it. You are all God’s political representatives and those whom you elect are you by extension. Therefore all the political representatives are you and they occupy their positions on your behalf by delegation. They therefore exercise your sovereignty and not theirs.  That is the reason you should always hold them accountable.  

To summarize:  what the Church in politics is supposed to do  is you take care of the nation and community by doing what God does; that is to ensure there is justice, peace and reconciliation through individual and communal action and by being the voice of the voiceless . That way “God’s kingdom will come and His Will will be done on earth as it is haven.” AMEN

Rev. Dr. Timothy M. Njoya







1st Service

8:00am– 9:30am


2nd Service



Church School



Church School





Gwav hall









Eld. Dr. Margaret Ndung’u

Eld. Noah Mungai







Eld. Peter Mbuthia

Eld. Maina Rutere


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