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Woman's Guild

Who We Are

The  P.C.E.A. Woman's Guild is a fellowship of women and girls in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, whose main objective is to bring together  women and girls for Christian fellowship, worship and service. Currently the Woman's Guild has a membership of about sixty two thousand (62,000) women and girls in the three East African countries where there are P.C.E.A. Churches.


PCEA Woman’s Guild Constitution
A13.1   The PCEA Woman’s Guild Constitution was first approved by the General Assembly in 1956 and was subsequently revised and approved by the 11th General Assembly in 1985. Minor amendments were made during the period of the Fifteenth General Assembly and incorporated in the PCEA Practice and Procedure Manual. Initially in Kiswahili, this Constitution is now presented for the first time in English here.

Definition of Terms
A13.2   The following terms shall have the meanings that follow:
A13.2.1 Congregational Guild: the Woman’s Guild at the Congregational level.
A13.2.2 Branch Guild: the Guild at the Parish level.
A13.2.3 presbyterial Guild: the organisation at the Presbytery level.
A13.2.4 Central Committee: the overall body responsible for the work of the Guild.
A13.2.5 Regional Council: the meeting of a number of Presbyterial Guilds.
A13.2.6 GA: the General Assembly of the PCEA.
A13.2.7 GAC: the General Administration Committee of the PCEA.

A13.3   The name of the organisation is Presbyterian Church of East Africa Woman’s Guild and hereafter called the Guild.

A 13.4 The Guild is a fellowship whose aim is to unite the women and girls of the Church in the dedication of their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, for His Kingdom through worship, fellowship and service.

A 13.5 For admission, membership of the Guild is open to all committed Christian women and girls between 20-55 years old who are active communicant members of the Church, are not of questionable character, and who accept to abide by this constitution.

A8.37   The Guild shall, in order to give full expression to the fellowship, be organised in the congregation, in the Parish, in the Presbyterial and at the Central level as follows:
Congregational Guild
A8.37   The formation of the Guild within the congregation shall be effected with the consent of Local Church Committee or congregational Board and the Session under whose jurisdiction it is. The Branch Committee will then forward the information to the Presbyterial Council, which gives the Branch Committee the consent to form a congregational Guild.
A 13.8 There shall be no formation of the Guild within the congregation unless there are at least ten (10) - committed members of the Guild. Where a congregation has less than ten members they shall continue to be’ under the mother church for effective recruitment of more members.

Election of Office Bearers
A 13. 9       Office bearers at all levels of the Guild shall be elected annually and can serve for only three years. For any re-election, a period of one year must lapse before being eligible.

Congregational Committee
A 13.10     The Guild members in the congregation shall elect office bearers every year. No official can serve for more than three                          years. The leaders will be elected annually as follows:
A13.10.1    The Chairman and the Vice Chairman
A13.10.2    The Secretary and the Vice Secretary
A13.10.3    The Treasurer
A13.10.4    Six members of the Guild shall be elected to work with office bearers.
A13.10.5    One representative from the youth, the Church school and Boys & Girls Brigade and shall be co-opted to the                                          congregational committee.


2018 / 2019 Activities


Handing over was smoothly done on 29th October, 2019 at the Woman’s Guild offices and the new office bearers took over the mantle.


Guild held their monthly prayers at the Manse on December 2nd 2018, and had a warm fellowship with our Chaplain Rev. George Kahuho Ngatia and his family with 68 Guild Members and their followers in attendance.


Guild held their annual retreat/seminar on 17th March 2019 at BTL with 56 members attending. Reverend Esther Wainaina gave the devotion and Elder Dr. Margaret Ndung’u opened the seminar.


Guild has continued to beautify the church. Facilitating provision of flowers all Sundays, maintaining and replenishing potted plants and fabric in the Church.