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Boys and Girls Brigade

Who We Are


Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade is inter-denominational it seeks to work closely with Boys’ and Girls’ organizations locally and overseas. Motto for Boys: “Sure and Steadfast” Motto for Girls: “Seek, serve and follow Christ.”


The Brigade shall be conducted through local Churches or approved Christian institutions or schools and every member shall be encouraged to attend Church, Bible Class or Sunday School. The Brigade shall provide activities designed to help boys and girls to attain physical, social, mental and spiritual maturity and encourage them to express what they learn through practical service to the home, community and the Church. 

Brigade is open to all boys and girls who have attained the ages classified below: -

  • 5-8 years Explorers
  • 8-11 years Junior Section
  • 11-14 years Senior Section
  • 14-18 years Brigadiers

The Brigades is open to the Children of other denominations provided they are allowed by their parents and are known to the Minister and Elders of the Church.


2018 / 2019 Activities

  • In training by national trainers – On 1st December 2018, boys and girls brigade held a one-day seminar in training for the newly elected members in order to familiarise them on what brigade is all about. They were taught about the four
  • Retreat – On 22nd and 23rd March 2018, the brigade officers and our patron had a lovely time during a retreat at Jaqanax Resort in Naromoru . Here we had various team building activities to help us bond and share ideas on how to strengthen the brigade group.
  • Camp at Sagana – On 26th April 2019, the brigade children, officers and the Patron of the group attended a camp at Sagana (Camp Malta). At the camp the children nurture several skills and get to know more about nature leading to a strong character.
  • Basic training and brigade week – As per our calendar of events, the week took place between 5th to 11th August 2019. In preparation of this we had a meeting with the available district officials and parents of the boys and girls brigade to sensitise them about the brigade week.
  • New leaders’ election 2019/2020 – On 22nd September 2019, elections for new office of 2019/2020 took place. As usual the meeting was poorly attended as district officials do not want to be elected. Those who had not completed three years continued while those who had finished their three-year term stepped down.