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Christian Education

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Christian Education 


The department of Education is organized to co-ordinate its work through committees Education committee at congregation, parish levels lay special emphasis on Christian teaching and pastoral concerns in all education institutions at all levels.


The committee shall advise their respective courts and assemblies on matters pertaining to education. These committees shall be meeting regularly to plan, take action and prepare reports to the courts of the Church and others concerned. The committees shall pay particular attention to the teaching of pastoral instruction in schools, including all aspects of religious education and pastoral care in schools The committee shall seek to understand all current education policies, education Acts commissions and their reports on education in Kenya for their information and guidance.

2018 / 2019 Activities

  • Christian education leaders seminar –As per the calendar of events the event took place on the 16th Feb 2019 at Sajorec Gardens Juja .
  • Form one adjustment seminar – This successful event took place in BTL on 18th December 2018. The topic was on adjusting to become responsible teenagers by Lydia Ngwiri and Winnie Gitau.
  • Christian education leaders SEMINAR – As per the calendar of events the event took place on the 16th Feb 2019 at Sajorec Gardens Juja.
  • C.E.week – The successful event was held from 25th February 2019 and culminated with a powerful Sunday (3rd March 2018) service by Rev Kahuho Ngatia.

Other activities included:

  • Inter District Exchange Programme: To all Districts from 27th February-2nd March,2019.
  • GWAV Fellowship Visitation: A Topical Issue was presented to GWAV by Marion Maina
  • Teens seminar – This successful event took place at Mariapolis on 16th April 2019.The attendance was overwhelming.
  • GWAV career Sunday – The successful event was held on the 22nd June 2019 at Sukari Presbyterian Academy. A total of 64 youths and 43 teens attended the seminar. Students were divided into groups where topics relevant to the groups were addressed by invited speakers.
  • Gatongora mission – The Christian education team visited Gatongora School on 14th July 2019.Various revision books were given out while the Treasurer gave out a very motivating topic to the children. The Parish Minister was also in attendance and gave a powerful sermon.
  • Family focus Sunday – The successful event was held on 18th August 2019 at the church premises. The attendees were divided into different groups where they were taken through different topics depending on their needs.