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Church School

Who We Are



It is an accepted pre-supposition that the church must teach about its faith, worship and mission. This teaching must also benefit both those within and outside the Church. The Church School Committee lay emphasis on teaching children in the Church setting


The Church has a duty to educate her members concerning her life in faith, worship and mission The Church School is therefore the logical expression of the responsibility of the adult members of the Church to the Children. Deut. 6:4-9, Prov.1:7, Eph 6:14 and it is the demonstration of obedience of the Church to her Lord who says,” let the children come to me”, Mark 10:14 in teaching the youth, the foundation of Church is laid. The Church School seeks to introduce the children to the truth of the Bible, so that the child may be led to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as Saviour and grow in His grace. 2 Peter 3:18 The Church School is open to children normally from four to twelve years old and should be registered in their respective classes and grades. A graduation certificate is issued to the child after completing each grade’s work. The Church School teachers are appointed and commissioned by the Parish Session to teach in the Church School. The teacher is dedicated and registered as a member of the PCEA Church School Teacher’s fellowship of his/her congregation and entered in the ‘Teacher’s Roll call of the local Church. The teacher is then issued with a teacher’s card and badge.


2018 / 2019 Activities


  • Vocational Bible School (VBS week) – Vocational bible study week was successfully held on 19/11/2018-23/11/2018 from 8.30am - 3.30pm. We had 5 facilitators from scripture union assisted by our own church school teachers who volunteered through the period.
  • Church School Week – We observed Church school week on 26/11/2018 - 02/12/2018. Church school children participated in various activities as per the church school programme for the year. On Sunday 2nd December 2018 we had the climax of the week where children lead in various tasks during the main service.  We glorify God for the good work.


  • Bible Eagle Club Fun Day – Group 3 children represented the church school in a fun day for Bible Eagle club on Saturday the 01/12/2018. This was held at All Saint Cathedral Primary School. Once again we thank the church for facilitating this activity.


  • Group 4 graduation – Church school graduated 18 of our Group 4 church school children into the teen’s ministry on 06/01/2019
  • Church school district leaders’ seminar – Church school held a successful seminar for the church school district officials on 12/01/2019. The topic of the day was “Understanding the role of a church school district official at district level and parish level” we had 35 leaders attending. We give glory to God and trust that we shall be able to serve the children’s ministry in the best way possible.


  • Group 1 and 2 trip – We held a fun trip for group 1B, 1C and group 2 children on 17.02.2019 at Vipe View Fun Park located at Gwa kairu-Kiambu County. We had 122 children and 17 adults; teachers and parents.

MARCH 2019

  • Teachers seminar – We held a successful seminar for new teachers to be commissioned on 02/03/2019. We had 17 teachers in attendance. Rev Kahuho Ngatia gave us the devotion.

APRIL 2019

  • Teachers seminar – We held a successful seminar for new teachers to be commissioned on 06/04/2019. This was facilitated Elder Mercy Njagi.  We had 11 teachers in attendance.
  • National teacher conference – This year’s national teacher’s conference was held on 10th-13th April 2019.  We were represented b 2 teachers. Josephine Ndoria and Samuel Karaba.
  • Group 4B (Class 8) Seminar – This seminar was held on 27/4/2019 at Maxland hotel, Juja. We had 12 children and 5 teachers in attendance. We had two facilitators; Ev. Mahinda Kamau who took us through the topic of laying a Godly foundation and Leading a successful life by Ken Kamau a motivational speaker.
  • Commissioning for new teachers – We had a successful commissioning on 28/04/2019 where we had 16 teachers commissioned. We give glory to God for the continued growth of the church school ministry.

JUNE 2019

  • Teacher retreat – We had a fruitful teacher retreat on 21/06/2019-22/06/2019 at BTL –Ruiru.

JULY 2019

  • Regional Seminar – There was a Regional Seminar at PCEA Nairobi West on 27/07/2019. The following officials attended.  Patron Elder Karanja Kiboi, Edith Muhindi, Josephine Ndoria & Pascal Mutwiri.


  • Group 3 and 4 trip – Group 3 & 4 Church School Trip   held on 24/08/2019 to Karura Forest. We had 52 kids, 10 teachers and 4 external facilitators. Church school teachers observed our prayer day for children’s ministry on 20/08/2019 as per the scheduled church programme. We thank God for this noble initiative.


  • Sports evangelism – We had the event on 15/09/2019 at the 6acre plot along Kahawa Sukari avenue. This involved children, teachers and parents. It was a fun filled day and we thank God for the privilege.