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Health Board

Who We Are

The Health Board is involved largely on matters of health, where they give talks on health issues
to the members, organize seminars and medical camps.

Inspection of Church Institution and giving recommendation, generally they are involved in
medical/health issues and mission work.


2018 / 2019 activities 

Healths talk to gwav. The health members carried out a health education on 14/4/2019 on various health topics of youth concerns and as requested by them. Topics taught included: ovarian cyst, cervical cancer, contraceptives, skin disorders and management of stress.

  • Health inspection for the church and school facilities – A health inspection of the school and the church premises was done on 20/1/2019.
  • The medical camp for the congregation – This was done on 19/5/2019 by the health team members in conjunction with AAR health team & ST Francis hospital. The following services were offered:
    • Rapid prostate specific antigen test to detect risk for prostate cancer.
    • Diabetic screening.
    • Total cholesterol for early detection of heart diseases.
    • Dental  checkup, Blood pressure.
    • fat to detect persons fat percentages
    • Consultation/ review- several ailments
    • Eye checkup.
    • Other basic medical checkup included BMI, Blood pressure, blood sugar, deworming and medication.
  • Health week – The health week was conducted on 15th – 21st October 2019.