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Who We Are


JPRC Stands for Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Creation Committee. It is a standing committee in the Presbyterian church of East Africa.  

The Church in the discharge of its mission in the world, cannot confine itself solely to the preaching of the word and the administration of purely religious ordinances. Believing that it is entrusted with a Ministry not only of the souls of men, but also to the bodies and minds, and following the example of its master, who went about doing good, claims the right, as it shall see it fit, to undertake educational, medical or charitable work for the benefit of all who desire its promoting the mental, physical and moral welfare of the whole community.


  • To work for Justice and to bring a true spirit of nation collaboration and co-existence.
  • To take any appropriate action after studying and investigating all social, economic and political issues that are likely to affect the community the ministry of the Church at any given time and in any sphere.
  • To undertake the issues pertaining to environment and creation (Psalm 24)
  • To plan and arrange seminars and workshop to equip Church members on the government policies in order to make a positive contribution towards the implementation of such polices.

2018 / 2019 Activities

  • They had a group member retreat in the month of January 12th 2019
  • Prison Visit at Kingogo on 23rdMarch 2019
  • Dinner with a message on 13th April 2019.
  • They have an activity of tree planting on 1st August by all church members in conjunction with the KEFRI (Kenya Forestry Research Institute.
  • They also had a full council meeting (both parish officials and district officials) on 22nd June 2019.
  • JPRC observed their week on 1st to 7th July 2019 – This week they visited the church neighbors who don’t worship in our church and had a fellowship with them. The had invited guests from the Police Service where The Deputy Inspector General was in attendance. The service was colorful.
  • On 3rd August 2019 JPRC Ministry held an environmental day in conjunction with other members of other churches and the community.