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Missions and Evangelism

Who We Are


It is the heart of Christian Ministry. All Christians are called to this ministry of servanthood in the world to the glory of God and for the actualization of fulfilled humanity. The commissioning and the sending of the disciples of Jesus, sets the authority and the framework of all disciples thereafter who go out in His Name as He commands; “Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and lo! I am with you always even to the end of the world; Amen (Matthew 28:19-20).


To encourage and strengthen the proclamation of the historical biblical Christ as Saviour and Lord throughout PCEA’s jurisdiction and beyond with a view to persuading people to come to him personally and to be reconciled to God. To take initiative in organizing evangelistic rallies or conventions in consultation with Parish Session.


2018 / 2019 Activities

  • Kesha – We held 3 half night Keshas during the year on the following dates:-
    • On 31st December 2018 to usher the New Year
    • 28th June 2019
    • 27th September 2019
    • 23rd August 2019


  • Prayer Retreats – We held four (4) prayer retreats during the year.
    • 17th November 2018         -           Mt. Olive
    • 23rd February 2018           -           Mt. Olive
    • 27th July 2019                   -           PCEA Sukari Sanctuary
    • 17th August 2019               -     PCEA Sukari Sanctuary
  • Prison visits – On 23rd March 2019 we visited King’ong’o Prison in Nyeri which has a population of almost 1700 prisoners. Seventy five (75) Missioners and close to 30 GWAV members visited. The theme of the mission was drawn from the book of Mathew 11:28. We ministered to a total of 1,150 male prisoners and forty (40) female prisoners & nine (9) children. 15 people gave their lives to Christ.
  • Mission to schools – During the year, we made visits to Uhuru Kenyatta secondary school as follows:-
    • 18th & 22nd January 2019
    • 1st & 15th February 2019
    • 8th & 12th March 2019
    • 22nd & 24 May 2019
    • 19th June 2019
    • 17th July 2019
    • 27th September 2019
  • Weekend Challenge at SPSS – We held a weekend challenge between 1st -3rd March 2019 and 26th -28th July 2019. The students were empowered spiritually by guest speakers. Ten (10 students gave their lives to Christ. We give glory to God.
  • Seminars – A seminar for M&E officials was held on April 2019 at Maxiland Hotel, Juja and about 35 people attended including members of GWAV. . The theme for the seminar was drawn from Romans 10:14 and Mathew 28:19-20 on the great commission.
  • Training – We held a training session on 20th July 2019 in conjunction with the GWAV where a total number of 34 members attended. Missioners were taught on how to strategize before going out for missions. The theme of the training was taken from Luke 5:10, Isaiah 4:18 &   Acts 1:8.
  • Outreach Mission
    • Woyani Mission: From 7th to 11th November 2018 Missions and Evangelism in partnership with other Missioners from the Presbytery and other Church Group Members took the word to Woyani
    • Mosiro Mission: This Mission took place between 21st to 24th February 2019 where the missioners spread the Gospel to the locals on door to door mission and in a Crusade at the market place. We also distributed over 40 sacks of assorted clothes for men, women and children.  Sukari parish also facilitated the building of a sanctuary at Olepolos village where the Sunday service was celebrated.
    • Gilgil Mission: On 10th March 2019 a group of missioners travelled to Gilgil Parish to spread the word of God and later held a revival meeting and a fundraiser to buy music instruments. The missioners were distributed to all the 14 congregations where they shared the good
  • Nendeni Week – Nendeni Week was celebrated from 2nd - 8th September 2019. From Monday to Saturday we held evening revivals in the Church from 7.00pm to, door to door mission on Thursday & Friday from 8.30-5.00 p.m. at Engen Flats area. On Saturday we partnered with P.C.E.A Evergreen Church, Runda to do a door to door mission and a crusade at Githogoro slum. 123 souls gave their lives to Christ.